Wayment. Teen Tries to Suffocate Pregnant Girlfriend Over their Unborn Child’s Name.

Just throw the whole State of Florida Away. A Florida Teen tried to suffocate his pregnant girlfriend over their unborn son’s name. Reportedly, the argument began in Walmart on Wednesday. The couple argued over what their unborn child’s name should be. The argument didn’t stop there. The argument continued to his home in Fort Myers on Maine Avenue.

The 18 year old expectant father, Raul Lopez wanted their baby boy to be named after him. Lopez’s pregnant girlfriend disagreed and that’s where the altercation began.

Raul Lopez, 18, charged with Strangling his Pregnant Girlfriend.

As the altercation escalated she locked herself in bathroom. Allegedly, Lopez removed the door knob to get inside the bathroom and began to suffocate her.

Deputies say that Raul Lopez covered her airways with his hands before grabbing her by the hair. He then tossed her on the bed. Fortunately, his girlfriend managed to called 911. His mother who was in the home at the time overheard the fight. She went into the room and dragged him off her.

Lopez faces a charge of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and a charge of domestic battery by strangulation.