Sources close to Carmelo and Lala Anthony say that There’s No Rush to Divorce

Trouble in Paradise? When Carmelo Anthony’s alleged pregnant mistress was revealed the entertainment world was shocked as allegations began to surface that she was pregnant. To be expected, both Lala and Carmelo Anthony were spotted without their wedding rings.

Granting all of this, Sources close to the Anthony camp tell TMZ neither Lala nor Carmelo are in a rush to get a divorce. In fact, the source claimed that though there is not a chance of the two getting back together they are focusing on co-parenting their 10 year old son. “Divorce isn’t on the horizon” a source claimed.

A source from The New York Daily News added that “They have been fighting for about a year. The marriage has always been a rocky one.”

No marriage is perfect, and we all make mistakes. However, would you be able to forgive your spouse if they had a child outside of your marriage?

The Couple was last seen on Mothers’ Day of this year.