Sis Telling it All. In Case You’ve Missed it… Monique Exposed Kym Whitley for Wanting her Husband and Being A Fraud.

Oscar winning Actress and Comedian Monique doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone. Over the past few weeks, Sis has exposed Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey for their shady business practices. Next on her to do list is Actress Kym Whitley. Monique and her Husband Sidney had a lot to say about Kym on their Periscope channel.

Monique talks about Kym’s Appearance on THE REAL.

Firstly, Monique says that she did not appreciate when Whitley went on the hit tv show The Real and did not have her back. Monique claimed via Periscope that she and Whitley were good friends at one point who shared intimate details about tier life with one another. Shockingly, she goes on to to say that the reason why her and Whitley fell out is because Kym tried to get with her husband. Monique claimed that Whitley was doing sneaky things to get her husbands attention and she wasn’t quite feeling it. As a result, they are no longer friends.

Kym talks about Monique on The Real.