Sis, Let it Go. Nicki Minaj says that Papoose Writes Remy Ma’s Raps.

Let it Goooo! Let it GoOoOo…Turn Away and Slam the Door.

Lordt. We still doing this?! The Feud Continues for the two Rap Divas Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma as Minaj claims that Papoose writes her rhymes in a new song.

A Hiphop Power Couple Remy Ma and Her Husband Papoose.

Minaj reportedly performed the song at a 2Chainz listening party. Minaj raps in her New Song Titled Real Lies, “I’ ve been winning 8 years consistently, at least respect it. Papoose wrote the Ether record, but I broke Aretha record”.

Sis, y’all money too long for all the dramatics. Do y’all believe that Papoose wrote SHEther for Remy MA?