Reportedly, Kim Kardashian Grossed Over 10 Million in One Day with Perfume Line.

Kim Kardashian West.

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian West Grossed 10 Million Dollars in One Day with her Perfume Launch. Chile, Just Throw the Whole Degree Away…

Call her what you want but you can’t call sis Broke, Kim Kardashian, 37, has broken the internet and my spirits yet again with her new business venture. Kim Kardashian’s fragrances hit the World Wide Web on Wednesday morning. Loyal fans of the Makeup Maven flocked To, where they shopped until they dropped.

According to TMZ, only 300,000 bottles were produced and they are expecting each bottle of perfume to sell out by Friday.

TMZ is reporting that Kardashian-West made her first million within the first hour. Congrats KIM!