LHHATL Karlie Redd Claims that A Porsche Dealership Stole from her Home and Carjacked her Vehicle.

LHHATL’s Karlie Redd has had her fair share of drama. Now, she can add Carjacking and Robbery to the list. According to TMZ, Redd claims that two men broke into her garage and stole her Porsche Panamera on the 28th of February around 3 a.m. To make matters worse, she claims that they broke into her home stealing jewelry and clothing. Once they retrieved all of what they desired, they “bolted” off with the car.

Redd proceeded to track her vehicle through an app, while simultaneously contacting authorities. Upon tracking her vehicle, she believed that it was located at the Texas dealership where it was purchased. Oddly enough, the Texas dealership claims that they legally repossessed her vehicle.

According to a lawsuit filed by Redd she does not want her car back, only her money. Redd claims that she paid $43,000 on the car worth $57,397.

Hopefully, Redd and the Dealership can resolve this issue. Meanwhile, Karlie is in Paris enjoying her life living lavishly. Must be nice!