Joseline Hernandez Allegedly Assaults Stevie J with Mushrooms

Another Day Another Altercation. There is Drama Yet Again with Love and Hip Hop’s The Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez and her Baby “Zaddy” Stevie J. Allegedly, there was a prearranged meeting scheduled for the dynamic duo at the Seasons 52 in Atlanta on May 10th. According to Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez appeared to be in a hostile mood. As a result, he decided to reschedule the meeting.

Things quickly escalated as Stevie J claimed that shortly thereafter Joseline Threw a Bowl of Hot Mushrooms at him. Concerned customers looked on as the drama played out at the restaurant. Stevie J’s lawyer who accompanied him to the meeting called the police, however, no arrest were made.

Coincidentally, the two were scheduled to appear on the Wendy Williams Show on May 24 however, they did not come.

Wendy Stated “There should be no Surprise to you that this relationship is on again off again on a constant basis, correct? Well currently they are off and we promoted this as the family is coming. They are not getting along enough to be in the same building so they are not here. They canceled last night. Reportedly, Stevie J is trying to have the courts order Joseline Hernandez into a anger management course.

Stevie J