It’s a Fam(ily) Thang. Blue Ivy will Reportedly join Beyonce and Jay-Z to watch Birth of the Twins.

As the Beyhive awaits for the arrival of the Twins, we could only imagine that no trio is more excited than Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and big sister to be Blue Ivy. As the Carters prepare for the twins, allegedly Beyoncé and Jay-z has invited Blue Ivy into the hospital room when she is ready to give birth.

Beyonce poses for a Photo Caressing Her Stomach.

A source tells the U.K. Daily Star that Beyoncé and Jay-z are concerned that Blue Ivy may feel left out during the birthing process. To make sure that she is included, they’ve opted to have Blue Ivy in the room with them.

Beyonce and the Carter Twins.

How excited! As far as we know, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and the family are still waiting for the double dose of joy to arrive.