Floyd Mayweather Suing Ex Girlfriend Shantel Jackson for Allegedly Stealing from him.

I definitely didn’t see this coming. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is back in the Ring fighting for what’s rightfully his…THE COINT.

Floyd Money Mayweather

According to TMZ, Mayweather the Undefeated Boxing Champ is Suing his Ex-Girlfriend Shantel Jackson for allegedly stealing from him. Shantel Jackson is the current Girlfriend of Nelly.

From what I’ve seen on television Miss Jackson don’t seem like the type to steal, but only time will tell.

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Floyd claims that his ex Boo used his credit cards without his knowledge to go on personal shopping sprees. TMZ reported that Floyd only found out because Miss Jackson had bragged about her come up to a mutual friend.

According to the TMZ, “Floyd claims Shantel would praise him in public when he got bad press purely to gain his confidence. In the docs, his lawyer writes … “As a result of that confidence, Mayweather, who’s education ended at eighth grade, did not audit or otherwise inspect either his cash or his credit card statements for theft by Jackson”.

So in other words, Floyd Money Mayweather feels that Miss Jackson has pulled the wool over his eye.

Allegedly, Miss Jackson is Suing Floyd for a slew of reasons, including domestic abuse and invasion of privacy.