A Mother’s Nightmare. Estranged Husband of NBC Vice President Chokes their 7 year old Daughter to Death Exactly two months after Wife Files for Divorce.


Neil White, 47, was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of his seven-year-old daughter Gabrielle.

Gabrielle’s mother is NBCUniversal talent acquisition vice president Michelle Hord-White. Hord-White had filed for divorce from Husband Neil White in April of this year.

The child’s babysitter Tonette Mahon discovered the horrific scene after receiving alarming text messages from Neil White. Mahon saw blood coming from his wrists. Mahon inquired about the child and Neil White told her she was “in her room resting”.

Mahon then found Gabrielle in her bed unresponsive and she proceeded to call 911. Unfortunately, Gabrielle passed away at the hands of her own father.

Reports claim that “The estranged couple were living separately and shared custody of Gabrielle”.